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You get what you paid for. It would be great if we can read one little paragraph with some of the history of the flag, or have a flag (quiz) game if we are trying to memorize the name of the countries by their flag. It’s a simple but very useful application.

Need more flags

I like it so far but I would really like portugals and spains flags on it, as well as all Latin America with the carebian

Updated Review

New update: Added a star because theres now twice as many flags. I think they should add some state/province flags as well... Plus although we have most of the major countries and several more minor ones, were still missing some places that I hope will be included in the next incarnation: Uruguay, Egypt, Namibia, Ethiopia to name a few. But the images look just great! Orignal Review: Yes WorldWiki is free. Its great, it has flags, etc. But this is serving a completley different purpose. Its not just having these flags in bigger version. Theyre in full rez so you can see lots of gorgeous details. Just compare Mexicos flag on "Flags" to Mexicos on "Worldwiki." The "Flags" version show way way more. I didnt give this 5 because there are some things that need to improve. 1. They need more flags 2. you need to be able to scroll through the flags without selecting a new country (like how you scroll through pictures) 3. you should be able to save the flags.

This app should be free!

Would be nice if we could use the different flags as wall paper for the home screen.

Dominican Republic Flag

The Dominican Republic Flag is not complete, is missing the shield on the center.

Missing USA Territories

Nice app - but wheres American Samoa and Guam? These countries are USA Territories just like Puerto Rico - which you have. Please add.


This app is great. I love how you can put them as wallpaper. But where is Azerbaijan?


For most of the people advertising world wiki, those flags dont look good. These flags look great, the exact pigment of each flag was used and they are fitted for the iPhone. Wow im very glad I spent the dollar to get this. It is well worth more than sold for, you are getting a Great deal. I am very excited for the next update. A few things i wish could happen, the ability to slide from flag to flag without exiting each individual flag. This app is awesome and every peicture looks great, whether you are looking for a screensaver or just some awesome pics to look at, this is perfect for all of your needs.

Beautiful navigation, and wonderful flags.

I love the flags on this app, what makes them worth the money is that they are formated for the iPhones viewable screen. This allows me to take a screen capture of the flag and add it as my background. Nice work Exemine!


This is a good app but it is missing a lot of flages like Papua new guinea and Swaziland and a lot more so please add more flages!!! Thanks!!!

The app is ok

I love how vivid the colors are but in my opinion it was a waste of money becuase you really cant do anything only look at the flags. At least I havent figuered how to use it as a wallpaper.

Bizarre lapses in list

I live in Washington, DC and did a run on Embassy Row to see what flags I could match using this app. I was shocked at some of the omissions. Some of the missing: Egypt (not exactly a bit player in world relations) isnt available, nor is Kyrgystan, Dubai, Oman, Iraq (I mean, cmon, Iraq!), Azerbaijan, Lesotho, Angola, Mozambique, French Guiana (a.k.a. Guyane, but Suriname, next door geographically, is listed), Uruguay, Myanmar (either as that or as Burma), Swaziland, Turkmenistan, Khazakhstan, Serbia, Ethiopia, Togo, Cameroon, Benin...and thats mainly off the top of my head. Did these guys have maps when they were compiling their list? Definitely needs more nations added. Their blurb says theyre adding new flags "all the time"...I sure hope they get around to it soon.

Whats with all the complaints?

This app is great.. It says it provides flags.. And well.. Thats what it does. Great flags by the way. I was happy to see that the color of my flag was 100% right.

This is awesome

I love this app. It is one of the best apps ever. Have you ever tried to draw the flags? I love to draw the flags and this app helps you. Buy this app!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not so good

It does what issays, which it just gives you a larger image of a flag, but theres over a dozen of flags missing, and it needs a update so we can search for a flag instead of scrolling.


Its okay but wheres El Salvador And A bunch of other countries ,, ad the Dominican Republic Flag Is Messed Up It Does Not Have The Sign In The Middle ,, I guess if u want buy but I regret buying it

Idea for versions to come

It would be great if there were the option to sort the list in different ways, such as "red background" or "stars" so that you can see all the flags with certain elements.

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